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I know I don’t use this tumblr anymore, but I wanted to post my new photography website for y’all to see. I am so excited about this…so excited. 


Me getting a new tumblr had nothing to do with you, but I’m glad you think so. You think everything should have something to do with you and frankly that’s hilarious.

Lol @ you and your arrogant, lonely life.

I made a new Tumblr yesterday morning.

For no real life-altering reason. Solely based on the fact that a lot can change over so many years. And I have other interests. And I have other thoughts that I think in my head and other things I like to see. I haven’t even used this for months really. I cheated a little and went over to blogger (I’m still there) and my new long-time-coming photography blog/website will be launched through Wordpress. It’s just that every single social media platform I have is super public. This new little tumblr will be quieter, a subconscious of me, if you will.

I also deleted my twitter and vine because honestly? It’s just all too much. Sensory overload consisting of every part of everyone else’s lives. I don’t want my life confined to a screen. Things have gotten too loud and too fussy. I’m a simple girl.

So if you even read this tumblr or took interest, and you’re still interested, message me for the URL.

It’s been real.

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you got a perfect score on the SAT? that’s cool and all but do you know the exact number of claps in the cha cha slide? didn’t think so walk away

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Ready for the Oscars tonight

Love you, Leo.

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best harlem shake everrr


You know, I’m not one to get butthurt. But you didn’t even have the 2 seconds out of your day 2 weeks ago to wish me a happy birthday via text, instagram, facebook, nothing. Nothing at all.

That’s kind of fucked up dude. I’m done. 


My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!










Is it bad that I am literally crying for some of these?


The tears, they keep coming.

The tears have come.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m sobbing.

yup.. Im crying. 

geezas help

“we await your arrival to manage mischief” no no no no no no no

Awww I actually got a little teary! I think I’m PMSing.